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Casting and Foging Parts

  • Iron Casting Fastener Tools
  • Iron Casting Fastener Tools
Iron Casting Fastener ToolsIron Casting Fastener Tools

Iron Casting Fastener Tools

  • Material: Ductile iron
  • Weight: 0.1kg
  • Application: Wood-woking
  • Port: Qingdao, Tianjin
  • Product description: Build fastener by iron casting tools grey iron casting ductile iron casting parts automobile casting parts machinery casting fittings manhole cover casting marine fittings casting pipe fittings c

Build fastener by iron casting

Material: GGG450

Weight: 0.1kg

Application: Construction Field

Port: Qingdao/Tianjin

- Cast Iron Material: HT100, HT150, HT200, HT250, HT300, HT350. QT400-18, QT400-15, QT450-10, QT500-7, QT600-3, QT700-2, QT800-2, QT900-2.

- Production process:  green sand molding, pre-coated sand molding and resin sand molding which can produce iron castings from 50 gram to 2000 kilograms

- Machining process:  CNC machine, machining center, lathe, mill machine, drill machine, etc.

- Surface treatment process:  paint, electrophoretic coating, galvanization coating, black oxide coating, phosphate, powder coating, etc.

Jingle-Metal manufacture and export the mechanical parts of automobiles and agricultural machinery, involving gearbox casings, brake discs, clutch covers, air brake valves, etc. Meanwhile we can also provide the mould making and management for your company. and welcome to your enquiry and hope to get your trust and reach our mutual benefit on the basis of cooperation.

Our advantage is that we can OEM custom as customer’s drawing, design or sample, or detailed requirements and at present, we have manufactured and exported our metal products and services to Germany, Britain, America, Russian, Ukraine, Saudi Arabic, The United Arab Emirates, Australia, Nigeria, Ethiopia, South Africa, Philippine, Panama, Brazil, etc.

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machinery casting fittings

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brake drum

sporting equipment

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cylinder heads

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stove, boiler and furnace parts

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Boat parts and Marine hardware

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Impellers and propellers(propellors)

Pipe Fittings or pipeline accessories

Other industry metal casting parts

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pump body

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other mining machinery



-  Electronic covers

-  Radiator

-  Valve covers

-  Wheels

-  Shift forks

-  Drum gear shift

-  Rocker arms

-  Gas engine parts

-  Axle boxes

-  Alex bod housing

-  Centre plates

-  Bearing bracket

-  Pedestals

-  Door hinges

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Food Machine Hardware

Components of liquid food equipment

Tapping device for beer, milk and juice dispensers

Handles for pot, spoon and fork

Machine Hardware

Safety Locker Quick Coupling

Clip Pipe and Fitting

Marine Hardware

Building Hardware

Mine, Oil, Textile Mechanical Parts

Component for mine equipments

Component for agricultural and textile machinery

Parts for hydraulic and air compressing equipment

aluminum screw

copper quick connector

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