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Ductile iron gear pump cover

In order to solve the problem of oil trapping in gear pump, we usually open symmetrical unloading groove in the ductile iron pump cover, or open asymmetric unloading groove in the direction of the low pressure side, and suction side uses conical unloading groove, discharge side for the rectangular unloading groove. The depth of the unloading groove is deeper than the hydraulic industry used in the gear pump.

The ductile iron pump cover is placed on the upper end of the reservoir of the brake pump or clutch pump. Ductile iron pump cover with rubber seal is to prevent brake fluid leakage and water into it. Ductile iron pump covers may be made of plastic or metal. The shape is round, square or rectangular and is located by thread, bolt or wire hoop.

The pump body is composed of suction chamber and pressure chamber. The inlet of the suction chamber and the outlet of the pressurized water chamber are respectively the inlet flange and the outlet flange of the water pump for connecting the inlet pipe and the outlet pipe. The inlet flange and the outlet flange are often provided with small holes for the installation of vacuum gauge and pressure gauge respectively. The suction chamber is generally a section of tapered short pipe or straight pipe gradually shrinking, whose role is to introduce water into the impeller, and provide the impeller with the required flow pattern. There is a baffle in the cone to prevent the water from pre-rotating before it enters the impeller. The function of the chamber is to collect the liquid from the impeller and direct it to the outlet. The shape of the pressurized water chamber is like a snail shell, commonly known as the volute, the impeller is enclosed in the volute.

The top of the pump body is provided with a vent hole (irrigation hole) for vacuuming or water filling. A water hole is arranged at the bottom of the shell, which is usually plugged with square head bolts. It is used to drain water in the empty pump body after shutdown to prevent the parts inside the pump from corroding and freezing in winter. The pump body is made of cast iron or cast steel and its inner surface needs to be smooth to reduce hydraulic loss.

Ductile iron pump cover is connected with the pump body by bolts, in which there is a bore hole to form a packing box, which is filled with plug packing, or mechanical seal and other forms of high pressure plunger pump to prevent air or water from entering or flowing out of the gap between the shaft and ductile iron pump cover.

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